frequently asked questions

q: can you ship items worldwide?
a: yes, I supply my service for worldwide customers

q: how long does it take for me to receive the item?
a: usually the sellers ship to me within a few days, then you will receive your item 3-5 days after that

q: are there fakes on yahoo auctions jp?
a: yes, however the amount of fakes is nowhere near as bad as ebay. if you link me to a fake item, I will let you know. I usually judge fakes by the description, the sellers feedback, and most importantly, my own experience

q: can you send a picture when you receive the item?
a: yes, however a fee of 500yen will be charged, as a deterrent. I am here to assist you get items only available in japan, not to defraud you

q: how can I pay?
a: at this stage, paypal is the only form of payment. confirmed paypal address required

q: can you buy from other sources not listed on this site?
a: yes, just send me the item url at any time

q: can I cancel my bid at any time?
a: since I set a snipe as soon as your payment is made to my paypal, it is not possible to cancel your bid. please consider your bid carefully before sending the payment

q: are your fees comparable to other proxy services?
a: my fee of 13% on total costs is actually lower than competitors, who tend to charge either 15% on total costs or 10% on total costs PLUS paypal fees of 4%